Thursday, May 25, 2006


Today's "Villain of the Day" is PRINCE LOTOR!
(from Voltron)

Prince Lotor is the evil son of the Drule King Zarkon. He dislikes his father greatly yet often tries to impress him. However, Lotor wishes to take over his father's empire and rule along with Princess Allura (Pink Voltron pilot), to whom he's developed a strong and obsessive attraction. This infaturation often causes him to forfeit victory.

In addition, his obsession with Allura is due to the fact that she reminds him of his mother whom, unknown to him, Emperor Daibazar had killed. Hel-lo, Oedipus Complex! Lotor is a very sly, smart, smooth, overly sexed, powerful man who exudes force and emanates pure evil. And he hates Voltron.

"That statue, it's so beautiful, so fitting. It towers above everything as though I were a god."

audio link of diabolical laughter.

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