Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'M A DORK: REASONS #1024-1026

Sometimes I truly scare myself at how much of an Uber Dork I am. Here are Reasons #1024-1026:

REASON 1024: There is road nearby named "PALAWAN WAY". Everytime I see the sign, my brain always registers "PADAWAN WAY" instead. Every. Time. ("Padawan" is a Jedi apprentice, btw, for all you non-dorks).

REASON 1025: Had to replace a lightbulb in the apartment this morning. As I'm screwing in the new bulb I hear in my head, "....let there be light..." from Spiderman 1 the movie, as said by Uncle Ben changing a light bulb. This happens everytime I change a light bulb.

REASON 1026: Driving home the other night around 2am. As I'm pulling onto the onramp, LAPD pulls up behind me. It's late, I'm tired, I really don't want to be pulled over. Not intoxicated, but it's LAPD. Immediately, my brain played "Drive casually...but don't LOOK like you're driving casually." - A reference to Han Solo in Return of the Jedi as he tells Chewbacca to fly the stolen Imperial Shuttle Tyderium casually.

Scary and pathetic, no? *sigh*


Mr. Legs said...

Sure beats the flaming, laughing skulls that are constantly flying through my head. No movie references there...

Just puppy blood murky flip over salad tossed black hole sunshine skipping down the road to hell! My feces is alive!!! I am Satan's helper!!!! Who stole my grasshopper broach???!!! You did you demon!!!!

Jim said...


Can someone please run to Mr Legs' apartment and get his meds? Looks like a sillybillygoat forgot to take his anti-psychotic pills this morning.

I want Mr Legs' comment on a T-Shirt!

Anonymous said...

Don Van Vielli....sp? Capt. Beefheart lyrics! YEA! MAAAAAN!
And you'd be pissing blood for days after the LA PD guys yanked you outta there because you "fit the discription" and dey give you a wood shampoo and poke down dare! OR 2!!!!