Thursday, May 25, 2006


I'll let you all in on a little secret: I love the ALIEN movies.

For those of you who know me longer than say 15minutes, you know full well that I am obsessed with the ALIEN series. Statues, toys, comics, movies, posters, you name it - I have it. My Thesis back in Graduate School was on and about ALIEN(s) for crying out loud! haha My love for Star Wars pales in comparison. It's almost a religion for me.

The design of the Alien itself, by Swiss Surrealist Artist H.R. Giger (and later tweaked by James Cameron & Stan Winston in the sequel "ALIENS"), is the absolute perfect, most beautiful design EVER!!! And the life cycle is just cooler than cool; from the Queen to egg to facehugger to chestburster to adult Alien warrior/drone/sentry - absolute badass!! And who can forget the "Derelict Space Jockey"?!! I can go on and on and on and on.....

So join in with me today to celebrate ALIEN!
Click here to visit the Anchorpoint Essays - a neat webpage that goes over the life cycle and biology of the Alien. Navigate on the left side; About the Essays, Egg, Stage 1-3, Queen.... Blood. Run your mouse over the images to see them in color.

Note: Anything dealing with ALIEN 3 and especially ALIEN: Resurrection is debatable and not official Alien fact (ie the Newborn is stupid and doesn't exist, ok?). heh

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