Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Interesting... looks like KEVIN McKIDD may wield the mighty MJOLNIR and portray THOR in the live-action Marvel movie. McKidd was absolutely fantastic in HBO's ROME as LUCIUS VORENUS and I think he could pull it off. Sure, he doesn't have the phsyique of a Norse God, but he can act. So perhaps with some tricky photography (Lord of the Rings) and or prosthetics (300), he can pull the physical side off. Now, this is just a rumor and has yet to be confirmed.

and as a side note, McKidd kicked ass as Vorenus alongside TITUS PULLO played by RAY STEVENSON who was recently cast as FRANK CASTLE in the PUNISHER sequel. Sweet. VORENUS and POLLO are one of the most awesome duos EVER!

Check out some of their rad exploits together on ROME.
WARNING: Violence and gore.


Lisa said...

I heard that Triple H from wrestling is also a potential choice for Thor. He's got the bod for it, but I don't think he's nearly as good of an actor as McKidd.

Jim said...

Oh yeah... Triple-H... I guess I was trying to forget the possibility. I agree, he has the bod, but not an ounce of acting cred.... unless his performance in Blade Trinity counts as cred... which it doesn't.

GO McKIDD!!!!!!!!

Triple Strength Preperation H said...

He's a douchebag, (Triple-H)

Met him once, came into a bar I used to work at with some other wrestlers.

Picked one of my friends girlfriends up over his shoulder, lifted up her skirt and smacked her on her ass/thigh hard enough to leave a giant red-handprint.

She worked at the bar, the owner didn't say anything, she quit and ran out in tears.

Course the.. I could hit him with this bottle thought ran through my head..
but then reality sunk in..

"oh you don't need those, if you shoot him you'll just make him mad."

Anyway.. super douchebag award.

dylan said...

Thor script rumour:

Friend of mine got his hands on the current version of the Thor script and says they are taking it the Lord o'the Rings route, I.E. it will take place entirly in Asgard.

Jim said...

Why am I not the least bit surprised at the Triple-H douchebag story?

And regarding Thor movie strictly in Asgard - I LIKE IT! Once he comes to Earth and is "silly norse oaf in NYC", it becomes, well, silly. Do a few movies of him in Asgard and other realms first... the let him show up later in an Avengers movie, already having been established as the God of Thunder, Son of Odin!!!!!!

Triple Strength Preperation H said...

Because I've told you this story before?

Trex isn't the only one that thinks you don't listen James!

Jim said...

It's not a matter of listening... its a matter of retaining. There's only so much room in this here brain, and its mostly filled with Comics, Star Wars and Aliens info... mostly. Besides, how am I expected to keep track of stories when you keep changing your blasted name in here?! Wait, what were we talking about again?

Mr. Legs said...

Welcome to the commenting club at Jim Smash, Triple Strength Preparation H!!

We're an itchy, red, and often swollen bunch of characters here...and we happily absorb your cool, soothing, creamy comic relief...

...into our butts.


Mr. Legs