Thursday, August 02, 2007


Young Vader?
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So Comic Con didn't have the cool Kotobukiya McQuarrie Luke Vs Vader models I wantd.... for the price I wanted.... so when I got back home empty handed, I bought it online for $50 less. Score! Someone at the con also had the soon-to-be released (in US) Kotobukiya ALIEN from the 2-piece AVP2 set. Normally I don't buy crappy AVP garbage, but this one is kinda cool... plus, I had the vision of replacing the McQuarrie Luke with the Alien! The pic posted above is a crappy hastily assembled pic of what will soon be on Jimmy's shelf!

Star Wars
and Aliens... coming together... its like peanut butter & chocolate. "Your Star Wars fell into my Alien! Your Alien fell into my Star Wars! YUM!!" If anyone knows someone at Dark Horse comics, tell em to contact me... Aye gots eye-dee-azz! Now if only Kotobukiya would make a similar model, but based on SAESEE TIIN from the Clone Wars, with the armor and rad helmet!

Hmmmmm, I DO have other Kotobukiya Star Wars models....


Anonymous said...

I love you.

Anonymous said...

hahaha,..wayto go JIM,..

Anonymous said...

That's from this "World War Hulk" ... saw it and made me think Dr. Strange was just ripping you off.

Anonymous said...

I want a poster!