Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ah, AQUAMAN. The joke character of comics, by fans and non-fans alike. Why does he get zero respect? Me thinks its primarily to his rendition on SUPER FRIENDS. Also, to date I have yet to see a solid kickass comic featuring him (the recent short-lived Pfeifer/Gleason run came close). I think he's a character full of potential, worthy of respect and being one of the "Big Guns" of DC.

One of the biggest problems with Aquaman is that no one really knows what his CHARACTER is; What's his personality and powers?
What does he bring to the table
Most people I talk to just say, "yeah, he can talk to fish. That's it. Lame!" I say BAH to that noise. But he does need to be redefined, I think.

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dylan said...

Duder, I must insist you read/reread Justice. Kickass Aquaman!!Talkin' to the fishes!!Yeah!!!
um...just a little theme song i threw together...

DanO said...

its just that the sub mariner is way cooler. not only does he have little wings on his feet, but he's got an arch nemesis named Atuma!