Friday, August 31, 2007


Speaking of WOO2...
Check out what WOO and the Mrs bought me the other week! That's right, an intact Kenner ALIEN BOARDGAME from 1979!! Not only is it super sweet, but its fun, too!! You run your astronauts around the Nostromo trying to get to the escape shuttle NARCISSUS. Unfortunately, you have to avoid not only other players' ALIENS, but your OWN! They move faster and can take shorcuts via airducts. Awesome. And check out the "BLOOD SMEARED" instructions! At first we thought it was spilled ink or something, but further research revealed that its intentional and all the instructions look like that! It's the little xtra effort for the kids' enjoyment that make things in this world so much better.

Which brings me to another thought... I'm still amazed that Kenner, back in 1979, actaully made a [small] toyline based on ALIEN. I mean, for one the movie is a RATED-R HORROR/THRILLER... what little kid went and saw this flick in the theaters? (and this is before home video)... or should I say, what parent back then let their kids see it? Enough to warrant a toyline? Very weird. Although, that's why the big 18" figure is rare - parental outcry had Kenner pull the toys from shelves! But, no complaints here, as those old toys and games are super duper cool and I'm slowly collecting em (they are rare)! In addition to the cool new game, I have the 18" action figure , some puzzles and a few other little items.

Must... have... them... all....!

*My checkbook has had the boardgame image on the front for several years now. Really, are you that shocked by this?


Fraser Lovatt said...

Talking of toy lines for R movies, I was always amazed at the Freddy Krueger gloves for kids with soft "blades" - I mean, what was all that about?

Dr Lazarus said...


Willux said...

I realize I'm answering this a bit late, but the reason for creating the toy line was quite simple.
Following on the heels of Star Wars, toy companies were expecting more of a space adventure flick out of the movie alien. Before truly doing all the research, the rights were bought and the molds were made; so we have the toys we have today.