Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It's funny.
Before I continue, I said it: It's funny.
However, I was disappointed.

The script felt diluted and a bit underdeveloped and lacks the HEART it needed to be a classic. I felt the film ran dangerously close to being "Not Another Teen Sex Movie" or "American Pie 9".... but thankfully it doesn't cross that thin line. But it does veer close....

McLovin and the 2 Cops are the best part of the movie and the only characters who have any real personality. Evan (Michael Cera) is so dull, I stopped caring about him early on... which is a shame, cause I loved him on the brilliant ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Seth (Jonah Hill) is at the forefront of the movie, but lacks the charisma necessary to carry the film. This is due to the writing more than Hill himself, I think... Ok, 50/50. Plus, his character is a selfish dick and almost unlikeable. Each character has their moment(s), but in a way it just brings more attention to those flat moments.

In the end, the movie was funny with some truly hilarious moments. But overall, it lacked and I was disappointed. Then again, I was going in with very high expectations, hoping for an instant classic. The trailer was unfortunately better than the film as a whole.

Rating: B-
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Scott King said...

I think you best described the film by saying "it lacks heart." It just doesn't have that same feeling as "40 Year Old Virgin" or "Knocked up" even though the humor and tone is so close.