Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Back when I was a wee lad, the first original STAR WARS figures were the coolest things in Life. In some ways, they still are. The first LUKE figure and then BESPIN LUKE figure both sported YELLOW lightsabers. Some blah blah blah with Kenner and miscommunication with Lucas or something. Anyway, when the PREQUELS came out, we as fans had to swallow Mace Windu's PURPLE lightsaber (really, Lucas? really?). So my point of this post is, if Lucas had no problems with veering off course and having a PURLPLE lightsaber, why no YELLOW LIGHTSABER LUV for the fans? I would have been happy if YODA's lightsaber was yellow... although I don't think Yoda should have HAD a lightsaber, but that's another ranting post all-together. Hell man, how about that one scene with the Younglings... give THEM yellow sabers... it would have then tied in nicely, in a "Lucas Connects All" sort of way: Luke's figure had a Yellow lightsaber because in ANH and Empire, he was not yet a Jedi.... he was in early training. See, was that so hard?

Anyway, Yellow Lightsabers.
Overall, I think Lucas should have kept it to BLUE, GREEN and RED.
No taste the rainbow.

On a side rant... In the Prequels, I hated how all the Jedi had BLUE and GREEN lightsabers like it was the luck of the draw... I wanted the standard saber to be BLUE... with the Jedi MASTERS having GREEN; ie those who were powerful enough in the Force could forge a GREEN saber. That way when Luke show's up in RETURN OF THE JEDI.... sweeeeeet.


Lisa said...

There definitely could have been some more clear system to the color of the lightsabers. Instead it was more like a car - they could pick the model and color the prefer. If only Lucas had consulted you!

Jim said...

"If only Lucas had consulted you!"

I've been screaming that since Episode 1.... no wait, since the stupid Special Editions!

No one ever consults me first. And what's the result? No Mandalorians hunting down Jedi with a Young Vader. That's what.


Five Fingers said...
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spaceJASE said...

i thought the jedi masters had green because that is (in the simplest art terms of pigment - so old skool) the opposite of red - which is always what sith lords have. So the sith drive the saber color really.

Wasn't Luke's blue originally? I can't remember. seems like blue is noob and yellow is for padawans. or something like that.

Jim said...

In the official SW lore, there's no difference between the blue and green.... and there's no such thing as a yellow one.

Five Fingers said...
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Five Fingers said...

Have you seen this yet? Over at Dethroner, they describe this Steampunk Lightsaber as the Cat’s Pajamas. I'd at least go as far as say pretty cool.