Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well, the trailer for SUPERMAN RETURNS is now available.
Click here to watch.

I've made no secret my disdain for this movie based on what I've seen thus far. However, it doesn't look as bad as I originally thought - do not mistake that comment with "I think it looks good." The classic John Williams score helps it out tremendously. The only REAL beef I have with it is the casting - Supes and Lois look WAY too young. By atleast 7 years. Brandon Routh sounds very similar to the late great Christopher Reeve, but that's simply not enough.

Again, I'm unable to get past how young they look. If this was "Superman Begins" then I could swallow it. But no, this is supposed to take place approx 10 years AFTER Superman II. I'm still not excited about this version. I can see Singer's take and its not bad. It's just unfortunate the casting ruins it. It's a real shame Singer likes his men so young.... hey, maybe he directed that Oozinator commercial?!

Oh, and the superbaby is lame. Only way out of that fuckhole they just dug is to have the kid die at the end of the movie.
Note: I was corrected by an Anonymous asshole that it apparently takes place 5 years after Superman II, not 10. Regardless, they still look too young.


Mr. Legs said...

Bryan Singer can eat my shit! He probably would if I was 10 yrs younger... note: That is not an anti-gay comment. I'm a homo. It's a comment on the well known fact that he likes younger men and the possibility that this appetite might have had an impact on the terrible casting choice. If not, fuck it. Hollywood is to blame as well. Ageist fuck wads all of them.

rick9999 said...

Someone called you a "Tool" and didn't have the balls to leave their name or anything? Fuck em, Jim. I thought it was funny. And yes, Mr Legs is correct in the "well known fact"....I've seen it go down (no pun intended) a few times myself in various clubs and social events. Hey, to each his own...just don't let it guide your casting choice! :)

Jen said...

It doesnt look THAT bad.
yeah, Superbaby is VERY lame
Why does hollywood have to do stupid shit like that?? WHY???

Oh well,
We'll see

Lisa said...

We don't know that the baby is Superman's! That's a pretty bold assumption to make, IMO. Just having sex with Superman would probably kill Lois.

As far as this trailer, I REALLY don't like Lois - way too young, too young even to have an 8 year old unless she got knocked up at 12 or so, which doesn't fit the Superman storyline at all.

But, the one saving grace I see is Spacey as Lex Luthor. AWESOME!! I'll see it just for that.

Mr. Legs said...

ummm...the baby is Superman's. You didn't hear it from me. I...uh...better shut up now...hear lawyers marching up stairs...HELP!!!

Jim said...

yeah...there's alot of "Insider" reveals going around - its a superbaby.

This movie take place years after Superman II....remember, in II, Superman gave up his powers for awhile.....which would mean the baby wouldn't have any powers either, but would still be Clark's.

Personally, I hope they change it. Make it someone elses' kid...like the Chief's! hahaha

Lisa said...

NO SUPER BABIES!! If that happens I will ask for my money back at the theater! What a rip.

Jim said...

Sorry if we ruined it for you....but I've seen in on some sites, too.

Fingers crossed.g