Tuesday, May 30, 2006


At the Motor City Comic Book Convention (May 19th), several "DVD Pirates" were busted for selling bootlegged geek material. If you've ever been to a con, you've seen these guys selling TV shows, movies, etc - often times of material not yet available for sale. A con is where I got my bootlegged Star Wars Holiday Special dvd. Looks like the Motion Picture Association of America got fed up and sent in the men in blue to take em out! Now where am I going to get my 1994 Fantastic Four movie?!!
(All you comic geeks should get that joke).

More here.


Lisa said...

I think they only busted the people who were selling good movies that were pirated. Those who had copies of SW Holiday Special and FF from 1994 simply were laughed out of the room.

Jim said...

Hahaha! Nice!

Hey, did you ever get a chance to watch the SW Holiday Special?

Lisa said...

OMG I watched the whole thing and between laughing and groaning I thought my stomach was going to bust open!