Thursday, May 25, 2006


Fantasy Nerds rejoice! Looks like the DragonRiders of Pern are finally making it to the Big Screen. Never read any myself, but I hear they're cool.

Copperheart Entertainment has optioned the 19-book series which began with Dragonflight in 1968. In the books, humans ride dragons by telepathically bonding with them.

"I decided that 'Pern' had to be done right, and I wouldn't let it go to someone unless I was certain that they were committed to excellence," author McCaffrey said.

The books almost became a 2001 TV series with Battlestar Galactica remake creator Ronald D. Moore at the helm, but the project fell through.

When are we going to get a GOOD Dungeons & Dragons movie, damnit?!


Fantasy_man said...

Pern sucks..

Over the past 20 years I've read well over 500 fantasy/sci-fi novels, and have tried 2 Pern books.

ohh god were they painful, and one wasn't even a book, it was a free unabriged audio-book, think it had a magical sleep spell on it.

Come on, when your evil menace is mysterious magical "thread" that falls from the sky like silly string and burns all it touches, so they breed a bunch of dragons.. or flying lizards that they can burn the string out of the air with..

here's a synopsis of the first book, try reading it aloud, specially the names..

ohh time travel, and menacing silly string!

If they want to do a good movie about riding around on dragons..

come on..

ok, it's been 10 years since I last read them, but I remember them fondly.

Rod Renegade said...

The Pern Harper Trilogy isn't so bad - but rather than time traveling thread burning telekinetic dragons - it centers around firelizards and a humble musical wunderkind who's 1) forbidden to do what she was born to do 2) is completely misunderstood by her family and friends and 3) accidentally excells at everthing she does and becomes "stronger than you could possibly imagine" - most of us have experienced 1 and 2 - so reading about 3 has an appealing aspect. It wasn't any worse than Eragon...

Jim said...

ah, I was getting Pern mixed with Dragonlance. Oops. Sorry - I'm not a Fantasy guy. Its not that I don't like em, I've just always been preoccupied with Comics, Star Wars and Aliens. There's only so many hours in a dork's day, unfortunately.

Lady_Clytaemna said...

Nice that sounds good I really was into Pern for about the first 5 books I read or so but after awhile I couldn't seem to stick with it. Though I am still trying , just have to get back into it or get them on audiobook or something. But yeah, a Pern Movie would be really awesome.