Friday, May 26, 2006


X-MEN 3 opened today. I haven't seen it. Dylan did. How was it, Dylan?
It currently has a rating of 58% on RottenTomatoes.
Here are my favorite critiques thus far:

* "I'll probably enjoy it better than the potentially disastrous Superman Returns in June."

* "This is the third film in the series, which means that on three occasions now we've been presented with the same story, featuring the same conflict, leading to the same false resolution, a smiley-happy joining of hands at the edge of an abyss."

and my absolute favorite of the batch:
* "Michael Bay's Schindler's List."


Lisa said...

The good parts were really good, but the bad parts really disapointed. Plot was weak and story didn't even really make sense at points. Some of the flying sequences looked pretty bad. But overall, it was fun because they brought lots of cool X characters into the movie and it had tons of action.

Dylan said...

Lisa nailed it. For the amount of action, plot, and characters involved, it could have used another 30 mins, bringing it up to 2 hours. Beast was cool; Angel sucked; I didn't see that one coming. Started working on X4 in my head about 10 mins into the movie.