Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I just looked at DC & Marvel's MARCH 2010 Solicitations and was very underwhelmed, although my wallet giggled with joy.

I used to buy a lot of DC books. Now I'm just going to buy GREEN LANTERN, GREEN LANTERN CORPS and BLACKEST NIGHT. They are all linked together in Geoff Johns' epic GL tale. It seems like everything since GL:Rebirth has been leading up to this event. Once it concludes, where will the GL Corner go? Will Johns stay onboard? It may be a good place to jump ship, we'll see.

The only other book that somewhat interests me is Rucka & Williams' DETECTIVE COMICS currently starring BATWOMAN. The art is gorgeous. But today I read their Detective run will soon come to an end, with Batwoman debuting in her own series. The art is the main draw and looks mighty good in collected form. I think I may just pick this up as hardcover editions are released.

That's it. No Superman titles, No Batman or Bat-Family titles, No Wonder Woman, No Flash, No Green Arrow, no JLA.... The current DCU has little-to-no appeal for me right now and it makes me sad.

I used to buy a lot of Marvel books. A LOT. Currently these are the only books I'm going pick up in March: X-FORCE and FANTASTIC FOUR (thank you Hickman & Eaglesham).

I may also pick up WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #11 only because its a DEATHLOK (sweet!) Guest-Star story with RON GARNEY art (I dig his Wolverine).

The March solicits do not include DAREDEVIL, which reads better in collected form anyway. CAPTAIN AMERICA also reads better in trade (same writer) and now includes a backup story of Liefeld's atrocious Heroes Reborn Bucky Girl. I'm dropping this book because of that and will pick up just the Cap stuff in trade later.

X-FACTOR and INVINCIBLE IRON MAN are read better in collected form, too (see a pattern forming?) - so I'm switching to "wait for the trade" with those as well.

The latest Event for Marvel (there's a new one every 4 months nowadays) is SEIGE, which looks to be the finale to Bendis' overall story he's been telling across Marvel for years. I'll pick it up in trade.

That's it. No Uncanny X-Men, No Wolverine, No other X-Books, No Spider-Man, No Avengers, No Punisher, No Hulk, No Thor, No Cosmic Stuff.... and those I AM interested in, are written in a more trade-friendly read.

No wonder I haven't set foot in a comic book store in over 3 months.

(Oh, and by the way, DEADPOOL has FIVE fucking titles out. Really???)


Anonymous said...

" I'll pick up the trade.."

I REALLY wish todays writers would nix the friggin " weekly TV Drama" M.O./ Formula.

slow moving, littered with trivial banter, one or two plot points,..one quick action sequence at the beginning, one at the end, and a "cliffhanger" to roll over to the next episo... eeerr I mean issue,..that comes out A MONTH LATER.

-Can writers tell a stand along, single issue story.

-Can the Studio's stop making everything an "event", that takes exactly 4-6 pre determined issues.( ya know,..kind of like the first half of a 'season') ?

-Will Marvel Turn into DC of the 60's with lame spin off's, alter version/gender/species, of original established characters?

- Will everybody stop trying tie the WHOLE friggin Marvel Universe together by some ridiculous rec-coning, and crappy story telling?
( didn't we learn ANYTHING from the Star Wars prequels?)

Tune in next month,..same bat time, same bat channel....

I want more comic in my TV, not more TV in my comic

LFC said...

YEA BLACKEST NIGHT IS THE SH**T anyways.. it is kinda sadenning now other stories now flash or anything.. same with marvel all storoes suc right now.. i just like reading Ultimte spider-man but that only comes out once evry 3 months! lol why? do i like it? just cuz... i dk why just but yes.... im very very disapointed.. =[