Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I was flipping through the back issue bin the other day and came across 2002's SUICIDE SQUAD #9 by DC Comics. The image struck me because I'd seen that image of Havana(?) before... yep, on the movie poster for 2009's G.I.JOE.

Now, the Suicide Squad artwork is chock-full of photo reference, so I wonder what the true source is? (My guess: pinup/porn). Either way, it appears the GIJoe poster artist either swiped from Michael Bair's Suicide Squad cover, or the same referenced photo.... or just had someone do the same pose in the Baroness outfit.

*A No-Prize for each source image found for the Suicide Squad cover!*

UPDATE: Just ran across 2004's Daredevil #64 cover by Alex Maleev... not the same, but what are the odds of seeing these 3 images in the same week?!


jaganar said...

ok ill be the first to say it .

miller's ass aint that perfect.
clearly after production photoshopping .


Bubbashelby said...

Hold on. You mean to tell me that a pose that shows both a woman's ass and most of a boob is something you think is a recent swipe?

I'm thinking that the "here's my ass, also, get an eyefull of as much of my boob as my spine will allow whilst I pout in that come-hither way" would have been sculpted into the Venus of Willendorf if Fred Flintstone had had the stone-cutting chops.

Most certainly cliche, but not a new way to represent the female form.

Bubbashelby said...

Oh, and I didn't mean to sound so snarky in that post. Sorry, just trying to be funny ;)

Also...boobs and butts.

jaganar said...

lol XD

hey im still pist they gave the baroness role to a flatchested actress , now seeing her in a bikini im CONVINCED she has NOZATOLL .

bubba , dont worry XD no harm no fowl *i can take a joke, heheh*

Anonymous said... you just think everyone copies? I mean, I hate to say it Jim. You do realize that Michaelangelo, Caravaggio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Frazetta, Alex Ross, Tim Bradstreet and a lot..a lot others, do use reference right?

Whomever that one guy is, that traces, sure. That's messed up, but using reference?

Why is this so taboo to you?


not this time, jim. its a standart T&A pose. seen it a gazilion times.

Unknown said...

Yeah...what are the odds? It seems that asses clad in shiny, black vinyl are all the rage. And I guess left boobs are better? Ah, who knows. At least it's not that onion skinned, light boxed, tracer Greg Land. When I glanced at the post that's what I thought I was looking at, but then I realized the dates. Wouldn't that be the ultimate joke.

phillip said...

same pose, yes, but the camera angle is exactly the same. plus, both in black leather and holding a gun? The left book looks the same, too. I bet if you superimposed the two, they would line up 75%.

Jim said...

Reference is one thing, tracing is another.

My issue is I just don't like it when I can see the source material through the final image. Michaelangelo, Caravaggio, Leonardo Da Vinci and Frazetta may have used reference, but in the end their final pieces stood as original and didn't look like paint colored over another image.

Also, I hate it when these tracing artists use someone ELSES imagery. Atleast Alex Ross takes his own photography for lighting reference. He doesn't google an image and/or then swipe a professional photographer's work. That bugs the shit out of me.

Its glorified fanart - like those fanart pics you see online of supermodels, bikini models and pornstars with photoshop'd costumes painted on.

Tim Bradstreet just puts himself into every picture, so its fan art with ego ;)

I prefer artists who have the imagination and skills to create something new.

It also bugs me that there are numerous very talented people out of work who can create something new without tracing someone elses imagery. Give THEM the job, I say. Its like hiring someone to build you a custom dresser... but the guy just goes to IKEA, buys a dresser and paints it another color. That's what it feels like to me and I don't like it.

I'll take Jack Kirby, John Byrne, Mike Mignola and a hundred other artiss out there who are not glorified fanart tracers anyday.

Now regarding this post... While they are not TRACED from the same thing, I think the Suicide Squad and Baroness pics have way too many similarities to not have been from the same source material.

The Daredevil/Black Widow is just a similar pose. I just thought it was funny I saw all 3 within 2 days of each other; sexy chick in black latex in same/similar pose.

plus, this blog is called jimSMASH ;)

phillip said...

ok, I'm wrong. I superimposed the 2 and they didn't line up 75%. Figured I'm preemtively say that before someone jumps on it! LOL

I still do believe they are from the same picture or photo shoot.

Anonymous said...

agree with u JIM.
REFERENCE is one thing. You use reference to understand the figure, the musculature, the way something moves, gives you an UNDERSTANDING of the subject material so your not flying blind on a rocket cycle.
COPYING is cheap. It's something an aspiring artist would do in the sixth grade bc he wants to emulate his favorite artist. It's something a high school kid does when he's teaching himself how to draw,..and it's something you do in ART 101 as an exercise. it's NOT something that a professional should be doing. If your a PROFESSIONAL , you don't NEED to copy.
AND YOU CERTAINLY don't get paid for ripping some one else off and passing as your own.
-it';s cheap
-it's amaturish
-it's just plain Bussh league.
- if this is the case, I got a chemistry note book full of " awesome, intense, kick ass images".
pay me.

i know his name said...

I think you might be on to something.
Pre-doodled Class notes.
I'd buy it over non-doodled class notes!

Anonymous said...

Jim, whole heartily agree. (Same Anon here from the first post) I can see what you mean, and I get the double standard of your website name ;)

I'm just saying, I don't think if you use reference you're a bad artist. ESPECIALLY for realistic art. You can get away with a lot of bullshit for comic art, but when you do realism it has to be spot on, or else everyone smashes it down your throat.

But I see what you mean, I think we can both agree that Greg Land is a hack.

Jim said...

Yeah, I have no problem with people using reference to assist. Like what one of the anonymouses said: "to understand the figure, the musculature, the way something moves"

I'm not saying someone is a bad artist if they use reference. I'm saying I do not like it when I can see the reference through the final piece.

And I'm focusing primarily on comic book art in this discussion.

Xenos said...

Yeah. In comics, it's a fairly common (and spine ripping) cheesecake pose. The Beat even wrote about it.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the source photo but cannot for the life of me recall where. I think its exactly the same.