Monday, December 28, 2009


JimSmash Reader "Nick" pointed me to Doug Bloodworth's sweet illustrations that included the above. My favorite is the Hulk/Cheetos for several reasons, one being it makes me think of Hulk with 'Cheeto Fingers' which makes me laugh. It's a tempting $100. Also, "Bloodworth" is an awesome last name.

*thanks, Nick!


Paul said...

Those are illustrations? If you hadn't said otherwise, I would have kept on thinking they were photographs.

Anonymous said...

wait are those photos or actual drawings or painting or whatever???

WOw.... i love these!

Mrs. JimSmash said...

Are you kidding me?!
You like these Mr.JimSmash?
Mrs. JimSmash gets yelled at when she doesn't sterilize the tweezers each time she turns a comic page! I can't imagine the "JimSmash Fury" if I were to set a bag of Cheetos on one. I would think these images would make your skin crawl. Or maybe you've just conditioned me (yelled at) through the years to get the shakes if a drink gets within a 5 foot radius of a comic book.
Seriously though, cool images. We should use them for scary Halloween decorations next year.