Thursday, June 15, 2006


Are you kidding me? What's next? A vaginal insertion applicator for your headphones so the fetus can listen to your ipod, too?

If you buy this, you are a Yuppy and must be destroyed. Or, if you're spending that much time on the shitter, you have severe intestinal problems and should seek out medical help immediately.
*thanks, Ted!


Scarlet said...

so you grunt and groan in tune while pushing out a "log".

I recken Elfman would have one...

Mr. Legs said...

Did you know that they make an attachment for your ipod that turns it into a vibrator? No Lie!

Now that's what I call an ipooper!


Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Jim said...

I actually posted about that last year!

Mr. Legs said...

I thought I might have seen it here.

You nasty, nasty man.