Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Today's "Villain of the Day" is BLOGGER!

Blogger is what I make my posts with in blogspot; I upload images and type my oh-so whitty remarks there, then publish it. Recently, Blogger has been an annoying fuck. If it's not failing to upload images or telling me I cannot connect to it, it's down and out completely. Hence the lack of blogging lately. Very annoying.

"YOU.....SHALL NOT.....POST!!!!!"


Lisa said...

This is what I use for my blog too, and it has been a royal pain in the arrse lately. Definately today's villain.

woobot said...

woospace too.... we are the fallen heroes of the net. or something like that. anyhow, looking forward to Saturday... mr. jimsmash... fun times are ahead!!!

Jen said...

I felt the pain too
BLOGGER why do you torture us??