Wednesday, June 14, 2006


** If you have NOT read Civil War #2,
then DO NOT read this post. **

Ok, Marvel has finally done it.

Currently Marvel is doing a company-wide event that is changing the status quo. After a botched fight between C-List heroes and villains, resulting in the death of 300 children, the US Government is planning to put into effect the Superhero Registration Act. Basically, all masked heroes must reveal their identities and, if they wish to continue being a superhero, be on the US Government's payroll. The Marvel Universe is divided on the subject (hence the title "Civil War"). It's similar to the 80s "Mutant Registration Act" storyline, but extended off from that and encompassing all of the Marvel Universe, not just mutants. So far, it's been very interesting with great cool potential. Until now.

Well, today Civil War #2 came out and apparently Spiderman reveals himself as Peter Parker at a Press Conference. I can't believe Marvel did this. I'll spare you all the super lengthy geeky rant on why this is a bad idea. But let me just say that Marvel is pissing me off. The past 4 years, Marvel has been systematically eradicating the Secret Identity aspect from their books; The X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, Daredevil and now Spiderman. To reveal the person under the mask destroys the symbol they once were. Captain America suffers the worst in that.

So Marvel, while I'm all for shaking things up and I'm digging the Civil War story, this particular move has really damaged the character. While this may prove to have good, intersting stories, I think the character of Spiderman is going to suffer for it. Unfortunately, you've just lost yourselves a Spiderman customer; Spidey's turmoil of keeping his identity (and by extension his family) safe is one of the core essense of the character. It's like having a Spidey-Clone appear and say that he is the REAL Spiderman, and the one we've all known and loved for over a decade has really been the true clone. Oh wait, they already did that. *SIGH*


Lisa said...

I read it, and I don't buy it. Spider-man goes and tells a reporter that he doesn't want the Act to go through because of the danger it presents to his family, then in this issue he's showing Peter's face to the world. We didn't even get a scene or two of Iron Man or someone talking him into this stunt. Plus, he's got the regular suit, not the new yellow/red suit, so I'm not sure WHAT Marvel is pulling, but I really don't buy what happend. It will be interesting to see how they put the genie back into the bottle here.

Anonymous said...

As a life-long fan of Spidey, I have officially given up reading his title. It wasn't enough I had to endure the "clone" storyline (which caused me to initially drop the title after 14 years), or the REDICULOUS "return" of gwen Stacy,...or the utter non-snse of the "mystical" aspect of his powers,..OR THE LAME NEW POWERS they gave him to up his status among super-beings,......this is finally the last straw. There is NOTHING left of what or who SPIDER-MAN was, or what he represented. he might as well be THE SUPER ARACNOID now. this sucks,..Marvel, you suck, and I'm tired of the whole "gritty, real-life" direction you've been heding in. MARVEL comics has lost what being a COMIC was all about and are more about what will pull readers in due to "ratings". They are no more than storyboards for a WB show, or Hollywood summer movie. screw you marvel.......screw you.

-nuff said.

woobot said...

Picked up Civil War 2 yesterday, read it last night. I haven't read the Spidey books in eons, so although "shocking" I didn't quite know what to make of the reveal. I am however digging on this new marvel shake up, and love the look of the title. Waiting for #3 which is supposed to give us our first real battle, with maybe a death? I think Marvel wants to clean house and kill off some characters.