Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Over at RetroJunk, they posted a silly list
"Top 10 Hottest Cartoon Women of the 80s".
Um, ok.

Going with them on this, their list made no sense. Click here to see their choices. April from Teeanage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The Goddess from He-Man? What?! I'm beginning to believe this list was made by girls and not by immature creepy men.

If you're going to step across that sad sad line, then do it right......
Like so!

(In No particular order, because that would be sad & pathetic)

The villainess in black leather.
PRINCESS DAPHNE: Ridiculous cheesecake.
CHEETARA: The sexy feline cat warrior.
JUDY JETSON: Your friend's hot older sister.
LEELA: The hot, er, cyclops.
JOSIE & THE PUSSCATS: Danderously close to fetish.
DAPHNE: The hot popular girl in your school.
BETTY & VERONICA: 'nuff said.
JASMINE: The exotic sultry type.
JESSICA RABBIT: Va-va-va-voom!

Ok, I feel gross. I'm outta here.


Anonymous said...

I had a crush on wonder woman (superfriends) when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

My brother watched Thundercats and I sort of had a crush on Cheetara. Even then, I knew! hahaha

woobot said...

Baroness all the way, in my kid world she was a rouge player, who had a thing for snake eyes and destro... and the CC and maybe Zartan too, can't remember, anyway, she got around.

Mr. Legs said...

Not all those bitches is from the 80's!

Jim said...

Only 2 are not from the 80s...but with bods like that, who cares?!!

Anonymous said...

what about Penny from Inspector Gadget..

ohhh yeah...

and the other article gets points for reminding me of Kidd Video..

Mr. Legs said...


Anonymous said...

Whats Jasmine from????????

Jim said...

Jasmine is from Disney's "Aladdin"