Monday, June 19, 2006


NECA and The Four Horsemen have announced some figures from Wave 4 of their Master Of The Universe Mini-Statue line (basically higher detailed figures). Snake-Face and Leech are 2 of the 4. But the cool thing is WEBSTOR is one of them!!! He was always one of the cooler HeMan figs. May have to pick this one up! Most likely they will be a Fall release.

The Four Horsemen have also teamed up with five different partners in order to bring you some Minotaur goodness! Dunno what these are about (gaming? comic? cartoon?) but these are exactly the kind of figures I wanted as a kid! Thundercats had some cool elements to them, but come on....

All five of the Minotaur Soldiers exclusives will come with a removable helmet, a war hammer, a spear/halberd with a war banner attachment, and all five will feature the same impressive amount of articulation as their leader Xetheus - with the added bonus of an articulated jaw!
More Minotaur info here.

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