Friday, June 09, 2006


Speaking of Alien Vs Predator. Dark Horse is now releasing a book called "Aliens/Predator: Panel-to-Panel" which showcases some of the great art from their comics over the past 18 years! Jimmy wantie! They did a similar one last year or so with Star Wars.

Around 1987, just after the release of ALIENS in the theater, a very young Dark Horse Comics acquired the Rights to both ALIEN and Predator franchises. DH put out several mini-series based one each character and were pretty good. The first 2 ALIEN ones kicked ass and should have been made into ALIEN 3; they're set 10 years after Aliens - Newt is 17 and in an insane asylum... Aliens come to Earth... - buy the first collected comic here.

Then they finally did a "you're chocolate fell into my peanut butter, your peanut butter..." maneuver and released "ALIENS VS PREDATOR". It rocked. And it should have been the AVP movie instead of the shit we were delivered. Buy that story here.
*DH also adapted those early Alien, Predator and Aliens Vs Predator comic books into novel form. I didn't read the Pred ones, but the Aliens/AvP novels fucking rocked!! Seriously, check them out. Quick reads and full on fun!

Aliens: Book 1: Earth Hive
Aliens: Book 2: Nigtmare Asylum
Aliens: Book 3: The Female War
Aliens: Genocide
Aliens: Alien Harvest
Aliens: Labryinth
Aliens Vs Predator: Book 1: Prey
Aliens Vs Predator: Book 2: Hunter Planet
More here.


Lisa said...

I've got copies of this coming in next Wednesday!

Jim said...

hey, if they don't sell, give me one!

Anonymous said...

you know, there was a manga made out of this too. it may have more character developpement than the book, but I havent't read it yet.

While a little too gruesome for my tastes, the manga packs an awesome punch and it suits any of you who like a good manga.

spoilers: PEOPLE DIE*omg*