Friday, June 09, 2006


The Strause Brothers have confirmed the rumor that they will direct the upcoming sequel to ALIEN VS. PREDATOR.

The pair are mostly known as special effects artists, although they have directed music videos for the likes of Nickelback, Linkin Park, Godsmack and A Perfect Circle.

Really, I have no opinion on this. The first movie was so horrible, I just don't give a fuck about this. Trying to sell me on AVP2 is like saying the next liquid poop bucket that's going to be thrown on the screen will have NUTS in it! Great.

FOX, please just STOP with this. You've taken 2 of the BEST sci-fi creatures of the last 30 years and turned them into silly, cliche fukwads. Thank you for ruining them, you talentless cocksuckers.

HOWEVER, the Strause Brothers recently said this:
"We really want to take it back to the original ALIEN and PREDATOR films and make a serious, gritty horror film," Colin Strause said. "We want to take it back to its roots, without losing sight of the human struggle," added Greg Strause. "That's what made the originals so good."

So there you have it.
More on the director announcement here.


Anonymous said...

Hey they SAVED Day after Tomorrow,
I mean after DD messed up all those Flood and Tornado shots..


Jim said...


Good one!
(I'm thinking it was 1 of 2 possible people who posted....hilarious!)