Tuesday, June 20, 2006


There are 2 cool Starscreams coming out soon! Takara's (left) looks freaking amazing!! Their Optimus Prime was incredible, so I'd really like to get this one! However, its a whopping $85... but totally worth it once you have it in your hands on it (based on the Prime figure).
I believe this is about 14-18" tall.

Now, Hasbro is also putting out a neat Starscream toy for only $15 (right). It's not nearly as cool, but still pretty sweet. And for $70 less, it may be the winner (or only choice once TRex reads this and finds out Takara's is 85-bucks!) Although, Christmas is just 6 months away! heheh I don't know how tall Hasbro's is going to be, though.

You can order each one here: Takara and Hasbro

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