Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Bernard Loomis, an influential toy marketer who, by turning advertisements for toys into children's cartoon programming, was dubbed "the man who invented Saturday morning," died of heart disease June 2 at his home in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
He was 82.

He introduced the
Hot Wheels action cars as characters in a television show. When the first "Star Wars" movie became a surprise hit, he sold empty boxes during the Christmas season with the promise to deliver the toys later, in effect creating a futures market for toys.

He conceived of the
Strawberry Shortcakes as dolls, greeting cards and a made-for-TV movie. He licensed and sold action figures that included the Six Million Dollar Man, the Bionic Woman and Baby Alive.

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Wow. You may have a difficult time believing this, but Loomis' work had a
HUGE impact on my Life. Rest in Peace, Mr Loomis. And thank you for all the cool stuff growing up!!!!!

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