Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Virgin owner Richard Branson is about to branch out into Comic Books. First up are 3 new titles under the banner "Virgin Comics", entitled "DEVI", "THE SADHU", and "SNAKEWOMAN." All debut next month. It looks like your standard Sword & Sworcery kind of stuff.

Reminds me, actually, of the now-defunct "Verotik" comics in the mid-90s put out by Glenn Danzig. Some of those were pretty cool, especially the "Frazetta's Death Dealer" with art by Simon Bisely, written by Danzig.

Got off topic there. Anyway,
click here to see more art and here to read an interview.

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Anonymous said...

Back n tha Day....pls. don't kill me!!!!! The Euro-Space-Rock group GONG was on the virgin record label
The center of the 33/3rd album had an illustration of 2 female figures sitting legs extended back to back in profile....we thought it was the "cats Pajamas" does not surprise me at all that he would dabble