Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Anyone remember the short-lived saturday morning cartoon
(does anyone remember saturday morning cartoons nowadays? sigh)

Anyway, PoDW was a pretty neat show in the early 90s. The show followed a group of adventurers on a quest to collect the 13 Treasures of Rule, which possessed the combined power to stop an evil substance known as "Dark Water" from consuming the alien world of Mer - basically black liquid overtaking all the water of the world.

The main character was REN, the prince of Ruined Octopon. He was raised by an aide to his real father, unaware of his true destiny and heritage. He wielded a broken sword of his father's. He also had a friend/companion named NIDDLER who was a monkey-bird. Cool. Only other characters I can recall were BLOTH (a big fat Pirate villain) and TULA (a sexy female pirate with spunk).
Unfortunately, after 21 episodes, the show was cancelled due to budgetary concerns, with only 8 of the 13 Treasures collected. With Pirates being so "hot" right now, you'd think someone would resurrect this bad boy.

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