Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Hello Everyone!!! Miss me?!

I'm in NYC right now and we saw SUPERMAN RETURNS last night! A full review will arrive shortly, most likely early next week after everyone's had a fair chance to see it
- I'd rather not ruin anything.

However, I will share a few quick things about the experience:

* One of the women we went to see it with met up with us as we were already standing in line. She saw all the geeky nerds in Superman t-shirts (atleast a dozen if not more, one including a homemade cape) and said, ", sorry guys...I-I just can't do this" and returned her ticket and went home. Hahahaha, awesome. And NO, I was NOT one of the nerds with a Superman T-Shirt on!!!! (TRex wouldn't let me be "that guy").

* Hey Maker - one dude came dressed as the Symbiote Spiderman!!! The costume was pretty damn impressive. I tried to get over to him to take pic, but no luck. Lots of high school kiddies were yelling, "Wrong movie, Loser!!!" But the joke was on them as the SPIDERMAN 3 Trailer came up shortly thereafter (looks cool!!).

* When I return, I'll write up a full review with smashes, praises and smashes.
*and yes, I know about Futurama and Predator and more.... all will be addressed when I get back from vacation.


Anonymous said...

Oh good. I'm so glad you posted. I was jonesing for a "Smash Fix".

Hope you're having a good vacation!

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is Super Man when ya need him!?!@#$%^^!??
The Damn Dam is about ta burst and I live down stream (I can ride my bike up there but haven't lately)
I live on an hill so I'm not worried but lots a folks nearby are evacuated!!!!
(drying out in Rockville md.)

Anonymous said...

"I'm on my way..............."

Anonymous said...

I would've worn a Super T-Shirt with ya, hon!

Here's something I thought you may like:

Anonymous said...

The dam is safe....wheeeeuuuu! That was close! Super Man musta come at night!

Anonymous said...

i TOLD you i was on my way,.....geeeezzzzzzzz, no respect......

Anonymous said...

WE ARE WAITING!!!???(*&^%$#!!!!!