Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is kinda fun - In Superman Returns, Superman will pull an Action Comics #1 homage pose. Fun fact: Action Comics has been going strong since it's debut in 1938! It's now on issue #839! Awesome! If healthy sales continue (which I'm betting they will), Action Comics will hit issue #1000 in about 13 years (if I did my math correctly in me brain). As far as I know, no comic has been around as long as Action and #1000 will be a huge landmark! I can't wait!!!

Added bonus to this post: Click here to listen to the entire Superman Returns Soundtrack. It's a mix between the classic, brilliant John Williams score (which still gives me chills) and X-Men, with a touch of cheezie fantastical storybook music, ala Narnia. So bascially, the John Williams stuff is good, the rest is meh.

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