Thursday, June 15, 2006


Warner Brothers is re-envisioning CONAN THE BARBARIAN. Set for a 2007 production start, the film will be a "new take" on Robert E. Howard's character (as opposed to a remake of the Schwarzenegger version). Boaz Yakin (FRESH, REMEMBER THE TITANS) has been asked to write and possibly direct the film after his pitch apparently impressed the studio, which doesn't say much seeing as monkeys flinging their poo on blank pages seems to impress them, too.

sigh, I grow weary of these remakes.... but IF it is to be done, all I ask is they cast Conan as a good actor who's a "no name" (who also has few lines - Conan is not a chatter!), use Frazetta's paintings as a art direction guide and make the movie fucking kick ass.
That's all. heh

No idea what this does to the planned "KING CONAN" which would have been essentially "Conan 3" returning Arnold to the role as an old Conan and reuniting him with Conan 1 director John Milius.

Conan The Barbarian is one of my favorite films! So I suggest everyone renting it this weekend and giving it a viewing! If you've seen it several times already, then I highly suggest you rent it and watch with the audio commentary on - hilarious stuff.


woobot said...

I second everything you said Jim, I want to see the pain of an aging and angry King Conan, but honestly, I don't think Arnie has it in'em anymore. Politics has made him soft... I hope they find a worthy Conan, and that he himself doesn't decide to go into politics.

Anonymous said...

all i ask is that the actor look the part,...I don't want see some 185 lb pretty boy playing the role. If he's not at least 6'4" and a muscular 230-245lbs, don't cast him.....(there was a reason Arnold made the character, bc he LOOKED the part)