Monday, June 19, 2006


Do yourself a favor and click here to watch the coolest thing ever! It's a clip from Justice League Unlimited in which Superman and Captain Marvel fight it out.


Oh man! Imagine this in a live-action movie?
THIS is what superhero movies should be like!!


Anonymous said...

good thing that bomb didn't go off and blow up the city...

Mr. Legs said...

Holy Shit! Who directed this episode? Nice!

Anonymous said...

Best ever clip! Love the part where they come rushing at each other underground and Supes lays out Marvel in 3 punches! Geez, the one to the gut has GOT to have hurt the Big red Cheese!

Anonymous said...

I agree, fantastic cartoon. However I've been surfiing the forums on this Cap Marvel versus Superman topic and everyone seems to think the Cap is ultimately the strongest because he has no weaknesses. In my mind this is also why he will never be as interesting as Superman!

Mike Haseloff said...

I don't know if you'd be interested anonymous (or anyone else), but I just weighed in on this on my blog.

I'm cruising around to do much the same as you, and see what other people think on the matter.

MEANWHILE -- great vid!
Bring on the DVD box sets!