Monday, May 01, 2006


Bored? Can't get enough of JimSmash? Well don't worry, you're not alone in your desire for more Dorky Tidbits of Dork! Remember, you can always check the ARCHIVES to the right & down a bit! Whether you're new to JimSmash and haven't read all those great posts of yesteryear, OR if you're a JimSmash Veteran and simply want to revisit all the cool stuff again!! To help ya remember, here's a Jingle:

"JimSmash Archives,
That's the place!
That place again
Is JimSmash Archives."


Jen said...

JimSmash Archives!
I visited them
and let me tell you...
It was worth the trip!

Mr. Legs said...

I got lost in the archives once. No one could hear my cries for help, but I finally managed to crawl my way out. I have to admit, it was frightening and lonely but I was always entertained.

Anonymous said...

I always tell people to make sure to go through the Archives when I introduce them to JimSmash!