Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I'm posting this because about a dozen of you have sent it to me this past week; a custom made "ALIEN motorcycle". Thank you all for thinking of me and sending a cool link/image my way!

But... this isn't an ALIEN bike.... it's a PREDALIEN bike.

Have my lessons of hate been for naught? Or were you merely trying to ruffle my feathers?

So anyway, here it is! And again, truly, thank you all for sending it my way.

*there is zero sarcasm in this post.
**there was zero sarcasm in that last line about sarcasm.


Homie Bear said...

That's pretty cool, maybe a little too much for me in terms of being a bike. I'm building a chopper myself don't you know. Well, mostly my dad is leading the way there as I am not very mechanical.

Anonymous said...

that's SICK, despite what... having to try to see around the head? or is it removable? anyway, "all for naught", indeed as the Predalien is indeed so dank awesome it stanks. ;-D

Jim said...

I'll agree with it stinking.

There's no room for Predalien fans here. Go away!

sigh, sorry - that was mean and a gut reaction.