Thursday, September 23, 2010


Back from vacation.
It was awesome.
Took above pic for ya.
Lots of JimSmash hate mail this morning.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back, Jim!

Hate Mail? That sucks.

Unkiedev said...

Yeah. Who hates you? We can hate them for you, if you ask us too Master.

Jim said...

It's usually by an Anonymous poster/emailer.

It happens quite often.


Anonymous said...

Kauai is a beautiful island, I hope you had a great trip!

Happen's quite often? Man, haters gonna hate. Do your thing!

Anonymous2 said...

-"don't hate the player,..hate the game..."

spaceJASE said...

People and their hatred make for funny emails I bet. Turn the other cheek - or something.

Anonymous said...

I was at Sand People...1989 got a shirt and big funky loose baggy shorts...went to the resturaunt near there and the owner was playin music. Haiwian Cowboy song
Ma's Ono was another must...NOERB