Monday, August 28, 2006


The Tragedy of What-Could-Have-Been!!

I've posted about several of these before (*sniff...whimper...*) but Marc Cawiezel went the extra distance and made a site chronicling the history of unproduced ALIEN and Predator collectibles!

Click here to check it out!

The two worst ones (meaning WHY DIDN'T THEY SELL THEM?!!!) are the awesome "Vintage Star Wars" style ALIEN figures and then the super sweet LV-426 Colonists Station Action Fleet Playset. Oh dear God, why didn't they sell that? WHY?!!!!!!


maker said...

MAN!!!!! Some of those are AWSOME!,..seriously what would I have given to get the "Drop Ship", or the "Alien Predator Action Set".
and some of those figures look better than the ones they produced.......

Rod Renegade said...

One of them even looks like George Lucas... maybe that's why.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

They're pretty crap aren't they !!

Marc QUACKO Cawiezel said...

Hey Jim Smash! Love your page and thanks for plugging my ALIEN/PREDATOR webpage! It was my first attempt and isn't quite as cool as yours, but I'm still learning. It's always good to find another ALIEN toy fan/collector. I'll keep updating my article as info and pictures becomes available and I'll be sure to check yours out at least once a week since we share alot of the same interests.