Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Rich sent me this to coincide with the Armor of God post! It's from a comic parody mag in the 70s... I think National Lampoon. I remember in the 7th grade a teacher took away my Nat'l Lampoon mag because he said it was porn. And the principal backed him up! WTF?
Anyway, this cover rocks.
Click on it to enlarge, heathens!

*thanks, Rich!


Anonymous said...

Man, that sucks. If they only knew what passed for porn today... said...

Pinto's first lay is the short story having to do with the Frat Bro. gaining info from the obits. about the kiln explosion at a campus 4 hrs. away....ROAD TRIP! {Animal House the movie!} PORNO!
Split Beaver fold out! PORNO!!!
I had a "sweat hog" english class, 10th grd....the teacher would give us free time while he read my under ground comics...Silver Dollar Press, Rip Off Press....R Crumb etc. Zippy!!! How did I get so moist??????