Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Someone stop me before I descend to yet another level of absolute loser dorkdom:
I want this shirt.

I want the Touch.
I want the POW-ER!!!

Seriously. Stop me before I order and wear this thing in public.


spaceJASE said...

Where'd you find that? I need to direct my coworkers there - you wouldn't believe the transformer fandom at work.

Maybe you would.

Rod Renegade said...

Don't sweat it... the only people who are gonna know are other dorks...

The rest will just think it's a cool design.

Same thing if I were to wear a sandman shirt from Logans run... who's gonna know?

make_them_all_nerds said...

push for it for the crew shirts..

Jim said...

Ooh, good idea!