Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Well, we all knew it was enevitable... they are remaking THUNDERCATS.
But don't worry, it's actually worse than you think:
WB animation is remaking the Thundercats as an animated TV series. The animation style is whimsical, Americanized-anime, along the lines of Teen Titans. The setting is modern-day Earth, in a major city (possibly LA) The Thundercats are all teenagers. Their leader is Snarf (!) who is now a mystic with a "third" eye. Each of the Thundercats has a weapon with an "Eye of Thunderra" and transformative powers (not just Lion-O) When they aren't fighting evil, the Thundercats play together as a rock band. That's not a typo, or a joke. They are rockin' cats in their present form. Mum-Ra now has wings. (source)
No word yet if they'll include the coming-of-age sex scene between lil Lion-O and Cheetara.

"I'm thinking about taking that new chick, Cheetara. If things go right I might be showing her my O-face. You know: Oh. Oh."


Anonymous said...

Wha????? Oh man I blacked out there for a second. i Thought i heard you say something about the Thundercats being in a rock band. And something about how f'n stupid the people at Warner are who pitched/accepted this lame-O plot line...........Sooooo what were you saying?

Anonymous said...

my god. i swear I thought you were joking.