Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Man, DC has just announced that as of Oct 11 and the newly relaunched Wonder Woman issue #3, WW will be published on a bi-monthly schedule! Uhh! Why? Because it's now being written by Alan Heinberg, of the O.C. fame and apparently he's unable to keep a monthly schedule. Wow, if only all of us could do our jobs in twice the time and still keep our jobs and be praised for it! Here's a crazy idea: Have COMIC BOOK writers write comic books and have HOLLYWOOD writers write crappy Teen TV shows! If ya can't handle the monthly, then don't, buddy - do a miniseries, one-shot or graphic novel. This is also DC's fault for putting him on the monthly as well as promoting and publishing a book that was not ready for monthly. Booo.

Heinberg's Young Avengers over at Marvel is right on the edge between greatness and collapsing into poop, and thankfully leaning more towards the cool side - geeky fingers crossed. But so far, with 2 issues out on the stands, his Wonder Woman has been boring.
I mean, Diana isn't even WW for godsake - its Donna Troy (to explain this would take forever, so just go with the rant). Wonder Woman has been a personal fav of mine since like age 3 (seriously). And to 1)have it go bimonthly and 2)not even really be Wonder Woman bums me out. Oh, the horrible drama a fanboy must endure!!!!

Atleast Adam Hughes will be helming an "All-Star Wonder Woman" soon... maybe if they alternate months, I can still get my monthly fix! Although with his track record, there's a good chance it's going to be a T&A book. Argh!!!

Hmmm, at what point in my life did the possibility of being remotely cool just vanish?

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Man you almost had me celebrating with the title of your post.