Thursday, August 10, 2006


DC Direct has made a limited edition "Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman" statue, created in tandem with Carter.
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The 13.5 inches tall statue, modeled after and personally approved by Carter, is hand-painted and made of cold-cast porcelain. This is the first time that any statues/toys have been based on Carter's likeness or her television series.

Man, I was totally in love with LC/WW when I was a kid!! Between her, Erin Grey on Buck Rogers and Julie Newmar Catwoman on the 60s Batman TV Show, I was done for at age 4! Haha! ...and NO, I will not be buying this.


Mr. Legs said...

Am I the only guy who used to spin around until dizzy and deflect gunfire with imaginary wrist bands when he was 4 years old?

I had a crush on her too...or did I want to be her??!!! Oh my God! I'm so confused!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

They've not done her chest justice !!!

I love Erin Grey,she's great !!

Anonymous said...

i think those two forced me into puberty........"somthing...about wonder...woman.......making my boy......STRONGER......AAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH" (proceed to t-shirt from chest)

Anonymous said...

I know she showed up at the elementary school in Potomac Md. one afternoon between 98 and 01 as her child was in a soccer league that must have traveled a bit. I suppose she was in northern va at the time. The night janitor said he had a very pleasent exchange with her and she was a nice lady!

Mr. Legs said...

...and then the craziest thing happened. She mimed opening a door, took a seat in mid air, closed an un-seen door, then flew off into the sky!!!

On that day, the night janitor put down the bottle for life.