Friday, August 25, 2006


DC Comics and the USPS recently released stamps based on DC Superheroes (post) with MARVEL stamps coming out next year. No pics yet, but Marvel has released which characters will appear on the stamps:

• Spider-Man
• The Incredible Hulk

• Sub-Mariner

• The Thing

• Captain America

• Silver Surfer

• Spider-Woman

• Iron Man

• Elektra

• Wolverine

Ok, anyone else scratching their heads a bit on this list? No Daredevil or Thor? But Elektra and Spider-Woman? 2 Minor characters who are not really classified as "heroes". How about Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) or Storm? I sense Marvel pushing their upcoming movie projects with this. Boo. Also, all White characters. Let's show some diversity.

But hey, Marvel Stamps - WOO HOO!!!
I finally picked up my DC Stamps last week!


maker said...

Hey,..hey,..hey,...The Hulk is technacilly GREEN,. namor DOESE come from a mixed background,...Wolverine is an Immigrant (although I STILL haven't seen any paperwork.....) Silver Surfer is an illegal alien, The THING is a hediously deformed individual, who comes from an underprivaledged background (two for one there) Elektra is a foriener, I'm pretty sure spider-woman is a lesbian, and Spidey comes from a single parent home......just bc there is no token black guy,..doesn't mean there is no diversity............

Jim said...

"all White characters."