Thursday, August 31, 2006


"The Worst Special Effects
of the Computer Generated Era
* Bad CGI Orgies
* Giant Leaps Backwar
* Why Didn't They Just Use Real Animals?
* The Effects Were Great, Except...
* The ShowStoppers

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This one hits a little close to home, but in the end I think its more of a comment to the decision makers/filmmakers than to the artists making the actual FX. Yeah, I can go with that outlook.
Note 1: The term "CGI" is never used with the FX Industry. Ever. It's simply "CG".
Note 2: "
True, Alien 3 was actually the first movie in the series to feature extensive CGI-created aliens..." This is false. Alien 3 was possibly the last special fx movie to be made before the Digital Era hit. The fx are optical and practical. The only CG element in the film with the Alien is when the Alien's head dome cracks at the end. Every other time you see the Alien, it is either a man-in-suit or a rod puppet. The reason why the Alien looks so bad is the compositing is off...and the animation....and the creature design....


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I've heard so many times about Alien 3's CG Alien,the documentary's and Cinefex show it was a puppet.
I remember a review of The Terminator back in 1984 where the guy said the Flying Hunter Killers were some of the worst Blue Screen he'd seen,the fact that no Blue Screen was used in any FX sequence in Terminator with the HK's show just how some people see FX differently to other people. What I think is a good effect someone else will slate.

Jim said...

Yeah, I'm always hearing people bitch about the CG alien in Alien 3. Funny.

That Terminator story is funny!