Friday, August 04, 2006


Dig these early APC sketches the ever-talented Ron Cobb did for ALIENS! Nice door wedge action! I like the final version, which was more blocky. The man knows how to design!

Click on image to take a closer look!

*thanks, Andrew!!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I thought the movie version was a bit too close to the ground,also the interior was way too big for the exterior,it's still a cool design though.

Jim said...

Agreed - it was way too low to the ground for an "All Purpose Carrier". And there is that continuity flaw of interior vs exterior sizing. Shhhhh, don't bring attention to it.

spaceJASE said...

They took this design and then said - hey why don't we use one of those vehicles at the airport that they pull airplanes and other really big things around with. Pretty cool how they decked it out for the movie.