Monday, August 28, 2006


Sept 12, the original theatrical version of Star Wars will be out on DVD - FINALLY. Of course, Lucas being the stubborn man that he is, will only make the dvd available as a bonus disc to the 2004 Special Edition. WTF?

Anyway, click here to see shot-by-shot guide to the visual differences between the 1977 Gem and the 2004 abomination. Outside of a handful of shots (slight set extensions primarily), I prefer the original version.
*thanks, Melchy!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I've said to people,99% of the people buying these DVD sets are buying them for the Original Edition's,they've no doubt already got the Special Editions and the altered Special Editions already !! Lucas will release these originals again in some form,maybe next year for the 30th Anniversary.

...j... said...

Any one else really offended by the Lucus Marketing CRAP!!! I mean when its all said and done we will all have four copies of each episode.....all for he is not rich enough. GREED is the DARKSIDE. Anyway...1977 version rules, always will, has anyone touched up the Mona Lisa.....NO I didn't think so!!!!

Jim said...

No kidding!
I like your comparison to the Mona Lisa, too.

And you live ...j... !!!
Haven't seen you in here for awhile!

Kris said...

I Know In the Worst Quality!!! AND as Second Disc Only. Like through "His Generosity" To Finally Release them to DVD. But the Beware the Blu-Rays WILL NOT Have the Originals on them. Nor will they be Released in 3D. Damn Lucas!!