Wednesday, August 23, 2006


"What Superhero Movies Should Be Like"
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If you haven't seen yet, check this out - its the trailer for the upcoming video game ULTIMATE ALLIANCE (starring Marvel characters).

Click here to watch.

Now forget the whole game aspect... Instead of Marvel pumping out lame live-action movies, they should be doing full-length 3D animated movies similar to the look & feel of this. Smooth out the animation, tweak the modeling and amp it up slightly and they'd be golden. With animation, you're not as limited with budgetary constraints and over-priced actors as with live-action. The skies and imagination is the limit! Imagine the Dark Phoenix Saga done this way, but with the art direction looking like Byrne's artwork!! Oh man!!!
*thanks, Maker!


Scott King said...

Just that short trailer was way better than either of the crappy "ultimate avengers movies."

maker said... rendition of Spidey and Wolverine on film/TV to date...........( I hope Brian Singer sees this......)

Jen said...

that was cool

spaceJASE said...

I don't know if you've seen it yet, but you can download the Nightcrawler cutscene that Blur did for Raven in addition to this one. It blows this cutscene away! Seriously - WATCH IT!

(I am unskilled in embedding links in comments...)

Mr. Legs said...


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Great stuff !! I hope they make a TV series of this !! :)