Tuesday, April 26, 2016


First, I'm excited for these figures. However, I won't be keeping a set in package because WRONG ALIEN.

On the box for Funko's Reaction ALIENS: Ripley w/Powerloader Vs Alien Queen, they have a picture of the alien from 'Alien: Resurrection'. The figures and movie text are from 'Aliens', yet the alien is from 'Alien: Resurrection'. Come on! Have you guys even watched these movies???

Oh, and it gets better! That Alien they have plastered on their packaging is actually of a statue by SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES and HOT TOYS! 

Hey Num Nuts! Does Sideshow know you're using a pic of their product to sell yours?


UPDATE: This gets even weirder.... so that alien is not from Sideshow (it's still the WRONG alien, though). It's actually a photo of the life-size alien cast on display at ADI (Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc), who created the creature for 'Alien3', 'Alien: Resurrection' and both 'AVP' movies. 

Why is Sideshow putting their and Hot Toys' logo on ADI's sculpture? If you go to their product page for their "AVP Alien Warrior - Brown Edition" figure, its included in the product images:

So to recap: Funko is using a picture of the 'Alien: Resurrection' alien for their toy depicting a scene from the film 'Aliens'. That picture is created directly from a photo of ADI's life-size alien from 'Alien: Resurrection' (on display in their studio), which Sideshow is using to as a "product photo" for their 'AVP' alien figure. Bonkers.


Correction: Previously, based on the Sideshow labeling of 'AVP', I had referred to the alien on the packaging as 'AVP'. It's been changed/corrected to 'Alien: Resurrection'. 

Side Note: ADI reused their 'Alien: Resurrection' suits for 'AVP', making it difficult at times to match imagery between those two films.

* Big thanks to Markus P, for pointing out the alien is technically from ADI, not Sideshow!

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