Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Sideshow has made an ALIEN KING maquette.

First off, there is no king. :)

Secondly, personally I find the design to be pretty crappy.  It looks like a queen but with jagged shit applied to it.

 ...and does he have two smaller "tails" running out from his shoulder blades??


* Although it might look nice next to your Newborn and Predalien statues.

Remember the genetically engineered Alien King in Dark Horse's "Aliens: Rogue"?

Spoiler: The Queen takes King.


Alec said...

My thoughts exactly too!

Although I do actually like the aliens featured in it. Very dog alien with bic chap kinda head and shoulders. Sorta.

Jim said...

yeah, the alien warriors at his feet look sweet!