Friday, April 29, 2016


In addition to Vasquez, Frost and [con exclusive] Newt, Neca's ALIENS SERIES 9 will include the ALBINO ALIEN, which is based on an earlyyy description of smaller drones in Cameron's first draft of 'Aliens'

From James Cameron's first screenplay draft:
"Inside the abdominal sac can be SEEN the forms of countless eggs, churning their way toward the pulsating ovipositor where they emerge glistening, to be picked up by DRONES.  The drones are tiny scuttling albino versions of the "warrior" aliens we have already seen."

The AVP Wiki also makes mention of the Albino Alien in their "Alien II: Original Treatment" and "Drone" pages:
A different type of Xenomorph identified as a "Drone" was originally going to appear in Aliens. These Drones were going to be much smaller than the Warriors seen in the film and white in color, with an excreting probe in place of the Warrior's jaws. They were to be a worker caste inside the Hive, tending to the Queen and moving her Eggs.

Screenplay: "Ripley awakes to find a 'Drone' (a small, albino Xenomorph with a probe that excretes the resin used to build the Hive in place of its jaws, not the Drone caste seen in the films) cocooning her to the wall. She also sees the Xenomorphs attempting to remove the Eggs from the structure, 'evacuating' ahead of the impending explosion."  

They were ultimately cut from the movie before filming, although they appeared in the novelization by Alan Dean Foster. While their attributes have since been applied to the Drone from the movies, the original albino caste has yet to appear in any other media.

If this is based on the briefly described early draft drones, shouldn't it be smaller than the other released Alien figures? "Ripley awakes to find a 'Drone' (a small, albino Xenomorph..."

While it's neat to create a repaint figure based on this early, unused concept, I think its lame it will be readily available yet the Newt figure will be an exclusive.

And Neca, please please please do not have that ridiculous tongue hanging out of the alien's mouth while its in package.


Jeyl said...

"And Neca, please please please do not have that ridiculous tongue hanging out of the alien's mouth while its in package."

Don't worry. If this turns into a Toys R Us Exclusive, the store will simply put a sticker over it. Remember the Engineer vs Trilobite set?

Jim said...

I want it covered for selfish reasons - I've been keeping some Neca's in package on display (I also buy some others and open). The long tongue looks silly and stupid as fuck to me, so I just don't want to see it. I want the packaged figure on display to look cool.