Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Saw this over at Lisa's cool blog. Marvel and Sideshow Collectibles have teamed up once again to turn a beloved character, this time MJ Watson, into a cheap pathetic spank tool for adolescent boys and very lonely men with women issues. But hey, atleast MJ doesn't have udder-boobs. This will go nicely with the White Queen maquette. And fanboys wonder why women think they're creepy. This does not help the Comic Industry, Marvel.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the link, jimmy! This series of figures from Sideshow have been pretty trampy so far - like you said, no wonder women don't like fan-boys.

Hey guys - real women might not look like this. But you know what - they're REAL. These gals aren't. You can have fun with yourself and your little Mary Jane comiquette or take a shower, leave the basement, and maybe meet a real woman.

Jim said...

Awesome, you had "Wonder Women" in your sentence! yay!!!!

(oh god, I am such a goober)