Monday, May 07, 2007


Wow. I've seen some funky out-there fanboy fantasy fetishes before, but this one actually left me speechless. The udder-boobs haunt me and will no doubt give me nightmares. You know you want to click on that image to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

How about my latest weekday habit in Cable viewing? The PBS reairing of the 70s cereal All Creatures Great and Small. First started watching it on a Mon. and realized it was indeed the first episode. Then out of respect for a freind of mine's dearly departed granny I started watching it almost every day...After a couple of episodes I started taking a count of how much alcohol and tobacco consumption was happening and damn I was stuck! But the real life procedures that are not faked are quite astounding! GROSS ME OUT!!!!!

Lisa said...

At least she's standing on the state of Texas, and not Wisconsin. WHEW!

It reminds me of the freak we used to get here in the store that is a HUGE antropormophic comic fan (animals with human characteristics). Eventually we had to kick him out.

Anonymous said...

I think I might of seen that guy walking around Disneyland.

Lisa said...

Maybe - him or one of the other handfull that are out there. At Disneyland though - that's kinda scary!

I bet there's a story behind that post.